Proposed Projects

This lists projects which would be a definite aid to the community, and which are currently under supported (or not supported at all).

Java gui builder

Many versions have come and gone. A version that copied the functionality found in JBuilder's gui builder would be great, and could be incorporated into JBuilder as an open tool. This would make the foundation version of jbuilder usable as a gui development tool (currently, this feature is disabled, meaning that people end up paying 650 quid for the professional version, just to get this feature).

Java classes/ source/ jar to UML diagrams

UML is most commonly used to produce diagrams of class hierarchies. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that 90% of the use of products such as TogetherJ and Rational Rose are for precisely this kind of thing (i.e. other products can do everything else such as editing, etc.) Development on Argo/UML seems to have ceased, and anyway, it was much too heavyweight for what it did. Something that produced these diagram automatically would be great.

Freebuilder resurrection?

Don't know whether this is feasible/ worthwhile, but the freebuilder project could now be significantly improved upon by taking all the free projects that have arisen in the last year, and essentially integrating them into a consistent whole. Boring work, and probably best to leave it another 6 months but...

Free open source xml editor

Must exist? Yeah, Merlot is OK, but the design is pretty shabby, and its difficult to integrate into other applications. There should be some scope to provide a free lightweight reusable xml editor (similar to xeddy say). An extension would be an xml diff and merge tool (IBM charges 1000 dollars for their version!).

License administrator

The idea here is to write a small, and non-secure, license administrator, similar to those found in JBuilder (and other products). Obviously to do it properly requires some thought, but the basic functionality (of only allowing a program to run if a license key is correctly entered) would be of use to people wishing to release their software for demos and trials.