Tom Ridge

3 Tancred Road
N4 1EH
Phone: +44 (0) 208 340 5661
Mobile: 07870 921 188

Patterns and Open Source
Strongly support Patterns, both as a means for disseminating programming experience, and as a language for higher semantic discussion of programming problems.
Strongly support Open Source movement as a means of increasing the quality of programs, and as a means of sharing best practices.
Project Management
Follow Steve McConnell on technical and management issues.
17 years programming experience in other languages.
1 year instensive tuition at Cambridge University
Sun certified java programmer
1 year commercial experience
Extensive experience with J2EE libraries and specifications and 3rd party implementations (eg. Inprise Application Server)
Xml and Xslt
1 year Xml experience, 6 months Xslt.
Familiar with functional programming from University.
Use Xt product from Jim Clarke, and program with the Apache Xalan xslt processor.
Experience with JAXP, Xerces, Xalan, W3C DOM and JDOM (which I find provides a worthwhile improvement over the standard bindings).
Web Development
Extensive experience spanning the development of the web to present day technologies.
Used several historical webservers (eg. NCSA, Apache, jswdk-1.0.1), with several historical languages (eg. PERL through cgi-bin).
Currently use Jetty for development purposes, since it offers the best programmatic architecture, performance and extensibility.
Familiar with Servlet API, JSPs (not tags), HTML 4.01, CSS level 1, Netscape and IE compatibility, HTTP, TCP/IP, network configuration.
Other languages
Experience of many languages, including:
Basic, 6502 assembler, ARM assembler, PASCAL, LISP/Scheme, PERL, ML
Operating systems
Wide exposure to Windows variants, and Unix (Linux and SGI).
Actively monitor the Linux kernel digest at
Use Debian Linux for preference.
I support the following open source projects:
JBoss, at, is an extremely high quality implementation of the J2EE standards, including EJB.
Jetty, at, is a high quality webserver (reviews at, written in Java. The architecture fits nicely between the complexity of offerings such as Jigsaw, and the lack of functionality found in smaller products.
01/2001-Present Startup specialising in application of AI techniques to data and information extraction
Having been approached directly, following a personal recommendation, I joined an innovative and highly funded startup. I advised on the infrastructure (both hardware and software) and IT requirements for this start-up. I converted an initial prototype from PERL to Java, and improved the algorithms and user interface substantially in the process. I wrote and submitted, on behalf of the company, a patent covering the work up to the initial prototype. I managed development teams which were geographically dispersed (Mexico, Czech republic), as well as managing teams in-house. I liased with members of academia, describing the thrust of our algorithms, and talking about options to further improve these algorithms. My mathematics background, coupled with my formal knowledge of algorithms helped me immensely. I spent a great deal of time interviewing prospective employees (I personally interviewed almost all candidates, also spending some time abroad in pursuit of the best employees- part of this involved me convincing them that the company was a good bet). Although half of my time was still spent in development, in a sense this had become less important to me than other half which was spent building the business from a tentative beginning to a robust outfit that could grow rapidly, and which would not be constrained by technical issues.
04/2000-01/2001 Calleo Ltd., 1 Lime Street, London
At Calleo I was involved in product development. This spanned many market segments, including trading systems, content management, Web site development (eg. Indigosquare at, client server development, and work flow. Most of the time I am employed in a technical or project management capacity. Technologies used include Xml, Xslt, Servlets, JSP, JDBC and J2EE.
10/1999-04/2000 Prime Finance Solutions Ltd., Austin Friars, London
I was involved in a large stock borrowing and lending system. Starting as a Junior Developer, I was rapidly promoted to Developer. Technologies used included Corba, Xml, RMI, JDBC, JMS Inprise Application Server, Visibroker ORB, IBM MQ Series.
1995-1999 Various, Cambridge
Through various summer jobs at companies in the Cambridge area (eg. Molecular Simulations) I came into contact with various technologies, including HTML, HTTP, Web server administration, Web application development (using cgi-bin and PERL). For Molecular Simulations, I designed and implemented a company wide online calendaring system, which used the web as a front end, and interfaced to a back end using ICAL. This was, to my knowledge, one of the first systems of its kind.
06/1994-08/1995 Mercedes Benz Finance Ltd., Milton Keynes
During my gap year, I worked with Mercedes on an online car rental system. At the time, it was one of the most novel uses of technology. The system comprised thin OS/2 clients, connecting to two servers- a mainframe AS/400 for order processing, and a IBM DB2/2 database. My work here involved extensive work on databases including SQL. I became very interested in database design, especially object mapping onto relational databases (which forms the basis of technologies such as EJB).
1989-94 Harrow School
Entrance academic scholarship in Computer Science (valued at 75,000)
Further academic scholarship
Prizes in most subjects, especially English and Mathematics
GCSE: 11 at A grade
A Level: 5 at A grade
1995-98 Mathematics degree, Trinity College, Cambridge
S and 1 in Entrance exams
1st year combined Computer Science and Mathematics
Converted to full Mathematics degree
Graduated with 2.1 (placed in top 15% of 2.1 band)
1998-99 Diploma in Computer Science, Trinity College, Cambridge
The diploma is recognised as a degree equivalent
Placed second in year
Graduated with Distinction
Elected Senior Scholar at Trinity College